Mukhya Gamanika

The main actors in the ‘Mukhya Gamanika’ movie are Viran Muttam Setty and Lavannya Sahukara. The movie has been directed by Venu Muralidhar V, who is a very good filmmaker known for creating interesting story plots.

The producers are Rajashekar Lokam and Sai Krishna Lokam, and they both have a lot of experience producing films. They will be overseeing and managing this movie project.


MovieMukhya Gamanika
Release Date23 February 2024
Star CastViran Muttamsetty, Lavanya Sahukara, Aryan Ippili, Chitram Basha, Jyothi Swaroop
GenresCrime, Drama, Thriller
DirectorVenu Muralidhar Vadnala
MusicKiran Venna
ProducerRajshekar Lokam, Sai Krishna Lokam
CinematographerVenu Muralidhar Vadnala
EditorShiva Sarvani
Production CompanyShivin Productions


This is a Telugu thriller movie with crime elements. The cast includes newcomers who want to make a good impression on audiences. One of the stars is Aaryan Krishna, whose involvement suggests the movie will be a very rich cinematic experience.

The story begins as a chilling crime tale about a young police constable, who is just becoming an adult. He gets into serious trouble that he never expected.

The movie follows his story as he deals with this shocking crime situation he finds himself in, despite being new to adulthood and his police job. With thrilling plot elements and crimes, the newcomer actors get a chance to make their mark if they deliver impactful performances.



Mukhya Gamanika is an movie that combines crime and thriller stories. With young actors, a skilled director, and an interesting story that could attract many viewers, it will likely be a memorable film that people remember for a long time.

Visually, it is expected to be really nice to watch, as the director Venu Muralidhar V has a lot of experience with cinematography (the photography and camerawork of films) to make visually beautiful movies. The camerawork along with the impactful musical score may make the overall effects of the movie stronger.

For writers and storytellers, this movie shows what can happen when imagination meets new ideas in creating a compelling story.

Overall, with its thrilling crime plot, fresh young talents in the cast, and the director’s skills in creating impactful visuals and mood, Mukhya Gamanika aims to stand out as an exciting new addition to Indian crime/thriller films.


Who is the director of ‘Mukhya Gamanika’?

This movie is directed by Venu Muralidhar Vadnala.

Who are the actors in ‘Mukhya Gamanika’?

‘Mukhya Gamanika’ star cast includes Viran Muttamsetty, Lavanya Sahukara, Aryan Ippili, Chitram Basha and Jyothi Swaroop

What is the release date of the Mukhya Gamanika movie?

Mukhya Gamanika movie was released on 23 February 2024.

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