Captain Miller

Captain Miller is a good movie that takes viewers back to India’s fight against British rule in the 1930s. Made by director Arun Matheswaran, it tells the story of one villager’s struggle against colonial oppression. See Box Office report here ..

The film has an excellent cast led by Dhanush, Shiva Rajkumar and Priyanka Mohan in the main roles, along with John Kokken, Sundeep Kishan, Nivedhithaa Sathish, Nassar and international actors Mark Bennington and Edward Sonnenblick. The dialogues by Madhan Karky add depth and emotion to the story.


MovieCaptain Miller
Release Date12 January 2024 (Tamil)
26 January 2024 (Telugu)
Star CastDhanush, Priyanka Arul Mohan, Shiva Rajkumar, Sundeep Kishan
GenresAction, Period, Thriller
DirectorArun Matheshwaran
MusicG. V. Prakash Kumar
ProducerSendhil Thyagarajan, Arjun Thyagarajan
WriterArun Matheshwaran
CinematographerShreyaas Krishna
Production CompanySathya Jyothi Films


The story is about Captain Miller, a brave village hero who leads his people in resisting British colonial rule. He fearlessly stands up to a British officer, inspiring the villagers to defend their homeland against British forces. However, there is betrayal from within the village itself, raising suspicions in Captain Miller’s mind as he tries to find the traitor while guiding his people towards freedom.

Dhanush plays the lead role of Captain Miller, who is portrayed as a flawed character rather than a perfect hero. This makes the story more realistic. Captain Miller goes through struggles and tough choices, giving depth to his character. Dhanush was drawn to this complex role which allowed him to really understand his character’s mind and give a compelling performance.

The music is composed by G.V. Prakash Kumar with lyrics by Vivek, Umadevi, and Arunraja Kamaraj. The cinematographer Shreyaas Krishna beautifully captures the essence of that era. Nagooran has edited the film smoothly, which is important for good storytelling. Sendhil Thyagarajan and Arjun Thyagarajan have produced this movie under their Sathya Jyothi Films banner.



Captain Miller has some good points, but also some weaknesses. On the positive side, Dhanush gives a excellent performance, the action scenes are well-done, and the music by G.V. Prakash Kumar is very good. However, the negatives are that the first half moves too slowly, there are some repetitive scenes, the serious tone never lets up, and the emotional depth feels lacking.

If you really enjoy intense, serious action dramas, movie than every one watching this. But if you want something lighter or more emotionally engaging, you may prefer looking at other movie options instead. It has its merits thanks to the acting, action and music, but the pacing, repetitiveness and lack of emotional resonance hold it back from being great.


Who is the director of ‘Captain Miller’?

This movie is directed by Arun Matheshwaran.

Who are the actors in ‘Captain Miller’?

‘Captain Miller’ star cast includes Dhanush, Priyanka Arul Mohan, Shiva Rajkumar and Sundeep Kishan.

What is the release date of the Captain Miller movie?

Captain Miller movie was released on 12 January 2024.

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