Bootcut Balaraju

The Bootcut Balaraju movie will be released in theaters on February 2nd, 2024. The director of the movie is Koneti and it was produced by MD Pasha from the production companies Global Films & Katha Veruntadi.

One of the main actors in the movie is Sohel, who was a contestant on the reality show Bigg Boss. Having Sohel as the lead actor has made people very excited about this movie.

Bootcut Balaraju is a movie is a comedy, romance, and a great cast of actors in a unique way. The movie promises to enchant and delight viewers when they watch it in theaters.


MovieBootcut Balaraju
Release Date2 February 2024
Star CastSyed Sohel Ryan, Meghalekha Kacharla, Indraja, Sunil, Suman, Jabardast Avinash, Jabardast Saddam, Rowdy Rohini, Siri Hanumanthu
GenresComedy, Romantic
DirectorSree Koneti
MusicBheems Ceciroleo
ProducerMD Pasha
CinematographerGokul Bharathi
EditorVijay Vardhan Kavuri
Production CompanyGlobal Films & Katha Veruntadi


The teaser for the movie “Bootcut Balaraju” shows a lively village setting. The main character is Bootcut Balaraju, played by Syed Sohel. Bootcut Balaraju is a fun-loving guy who often finds himself in funny situations with his friends. From the teaser, it looks like this will be a humorous and entertaining movie.

The movie will also explore Bootcut Balaraju’s college days and his romantic relationship, showing a more emotional side to his character. By combining comedy and romance, the film aims to give viewers a complete and engaging experience when watching it.

Cast and Crew

The movie “Bootcut Balaraju” has a great ensemble cast including Meghalekha, Sunil, Siri Hanmanth, Indraja, Avinash, Saddam, and Vivek from “Kotha Bangaru Lokam” among others. Each actor brings their own unique talents, which makes the story richer. Viewers can expect great on-screen chemistry from this talented team.

An important person behind the making of this film is the producer MD Pasha. His vision and support were crucial in shaping this highly anticipated project. He collaborated with the director Koneti to bring it to life.

The music for the movie is composed by Bheems Ceciroleo, who is known for creating catchy and memorable tunes. The songs will add emotional depth and perfectly complement the story, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.



Overall, Bootcut Balaraju is a love story that fails to impress viewers. Aside from the lead actors’ performances and a few comedic moments, the rest of the movie is not very engaging. The biggest drawbacks are the unimpressive and slow pacing of the storytelling, along with many boring sequences throughout the film. Due to these issues, Bootcut Balaraju ends up being a disappointing watch for audiences.

Viewers review indicates the movie did not live up to the hype and anticipation surrounding its release, falling flat except for a few bright spots with the leads and occasional comedy. But the poor narrative and dull scenes ultimately made it an unsatisfying viewing experience overall.


Who is the director of ‘Bootcut Balaraju’?

This movie is directed by Sree Koneti.

Who are the actors in ‘Bootcut Balaraju’?

‘Bootcut Balaraju’ star cast includes Syed Sohel Ryan, Meghalekha Kacharla, Indraja, Sunil, Suman, Jabardast Avinash, Jabardast Saddam, Rowdy Rohini and Siri Hanumanthu.

What is the release date of the Bootcut Balaraju movie?

Bootcut Balaraju movie was released on 2 February 2024.

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